dementia at maple.circa.ufl.edu dementia at maple.circa.ufl.edu
Wed Mar 23 14:21:28 EST 1994

(Steve Loomis) writes:
>In the fall of 92 I planted about 18 dafidil bulbs and in the spring of 93
>they came up looking mighty nice. This year I have nothing!>
>Last year after the plants had bloomed and then started to turn brown, I
>cut them down. Does anyone know if this was the proper thing to do?>
>Does anyone have any ideas as weither the bulbs are dead, alive, just dormant?
>We have had a colder than normal winter on the east coast but the tullips are
>coming up and looking good.
>Any ideas would be a great help.

Yes, cutting back the plants was the right thing to do.

I can think of no particular reason why the bulbs would be dead...

the especially cold winter should have caused them no harm.

Just keep the ground moist and see what happens.

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