Refs:Tobacco anther/ovule dev.

Thomas Bjorkman Thomas_Bjorkman at
Thu Mar 24 08:32:29 EST 1994

In article <Cn5AA3.Lv9 at>, paul-b at (Paul
Bucciaglia) wrote:
> Anyone out there know of some articles reviewing the cytological developmetn
> of tobacco anthers and ovules?  I have searched several data bases but the kind of literature I am looking for is probably rather old...I would like to find
> papers which detail the development of the floral organs and the male and female
> gametophytes of N. tabaccum.

There are some good papers along this line in "Angiosperm pollen and
ovules"  Editted by E. Ottaviano et. al. 1992. Springer Verlag.  I don't
know whether there are any tobacco onnes specifically, but they should get
you into the recent literature.  

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