Kevin Blaze klb at
Thu Mar 24 18:04:36 EST 1994

The forces exerted by the wind on trees in urban areas is being studied at VCAH Burnley. In particular the loads exerted on tree cables under different wind and climatic conditions is being monitored. Of particular interest are storm events, one of which

The measuring equipment uses strain gauge load cells, inserted in line with the cable in the tree. A current signal is sent back to a computer which samples at a rate of 20Hz. Continuous monitoring is achieved by writing data to sequential files which can

Results have been collected over several months and peak loads have been monitored during storm events in species of Eucalyptus cladocalyx and E maculata. It is intended to continue monitoring of tree loads in urban areas over the next few months and eval

We would like to contact anyone who is interested or is currently working in this field, so that we can liaise on techniques and compare results. My contact address is Mr Ken James, Burnley Campus, Victorian College of Agriculture & Horticulture, Melbourn

Alternatively, please e-mail my colleague, Kevin Blaze (klb at, with your contact details and IUll get back to you.

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