histochemical stain for potassium

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Mar 28 10:50:27 EST 1994

AW14 at uk.ac.york.vax wrote:
: Does anyone know of a 'user-friendly' way to stain potassium in tissue
: samples ? I have details of a method which can be used to locate k in
: stomata but it contains ammonium sulphide which is apparently not
: terribly pleasant ! Any other ideas would be gratefully received. Thankyou
: in advance, 

Hello, Angela.

Real plant physiologists hold their noses ...

Actually, there are a number of fluorochromes that are used to measure
K+ concentration by 'ratio' imaging.  Bill Mason's group at Babraham
have raised this sort of thing to a fine art with Ca++ imaging and the
literature is full of their work.

Personally, I used to do the K+ staining in a fume cupboard (!).

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