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>Hello, netters.

>I received several inquiries about how to subscribe to the cell wall
>discussion group, so here is the information.

>To subscribe to the cell wall discussion group, send an email message
>to: listserv at vm1.nodak.edu.  The body of the message should contain
>the command: sub cellwall <your first name> <your last name>.  Leave
>the subject line blank and do not type any other message or text.
>All mailing to the cellwall list should be sent to:
>cellwall at vm1.nodak.edu.

>Ronan O'Leary, PLEASE NOTE:  I was not able to send mail to your
>address (bmb1n3ag at leeds.ac.uk).  I tried several times to return your
>messages, but they bounced!  I hope that this is the information you

>Kate VandenBosch

try bmb1n3ag at south-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk if anything interesting comes to mind.
by the way in where does the majority vote fall - expansin or XET

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