Is garlic smart?

Vales David J. vales863 at
Wed Mar 30 22:23:21 EST 1994

To all garlic lovers and plant physiologists:

It never ceases to amaze me how smart the garlic in my refrigerator is.  
Every year, like clockwork, the bulbs I bought last year (for food 
purposes) begin to sprout in mid-March.  I keep my garlic in the 
refrigerator (which I have found stores MUCH better than identical bulbs 
left in a cool dark place), so it is not really exposed to light.  In the 
refrigerator the garlic stays in a vegetable bin, and never sees the sun.

Does anyone have an idea of how garlic knows when it is time to grow?  
Many plants depend on degree days, photoperiod, etc., but my garlic 
should not be affected by these given that they are in the refrigerator.  
Their sprouting implies to me a biological clock, odd for a plant, but 
then, garlic is an exceptional plant!

Thanks for your ideas.

David Vales
vales863 at

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