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>: My family has just started a small greenhouse and nursery business (about
>: two years now), and we can't seem to get rid one particular insect.  We
>: call them whiteflies, they're real small flying bugs who love to hang around
>: hibiscus and datura almost exclusively.  I've tried Sevin and malathion but
>: just can't seem to shake these pesky creatures.  My local coop ext. service
>: said that malathion would do the trick.  Can anyone help?

Maybe a little soap in the malthion solution would help the spray
penetrate better. Just a little soap to lower the surface tension.

>	Might want to hang out some "sticky traps" which consist of yellow
>disks coated with a sticky stuff. The white flies are attracted to the yellow
>color and stick to the disks. They are tough to get rid of, and the traps
>should keep them in check, without heavy-duty spraying.

Good idea.  Some insects are attracted to the white traps too, so if the
yellow doesn't work, white may.  You can also buy the sticky stuff and
paint it on traps of your own design. 

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