What's the interaction of GA3 with dark and light....

Naresh C. Pancholi N.C.Pancholi at reading.ac.uk
Mon May 2 12:33:49 EST 1994

Hello Plant Scientists,

I used GA3 and 2 light conditions (continuous dark and 16 hrs. light period)
for the in vitro germination of embryos from banana seeds.  I have got very 
interesting results. I measured the shoot length and root number and, of
course, germination success too.

Shoot length:
Shoots produced under dark were longer than light treated ones (a typical 
example).  Similarly, the addition of GA3 promoted the shoot elongation 
regardless of light conditions (again a typical effect of GA3).

Root number:
Light increased the root number but dark decreased it (it is unusual).  
However, when GA3 was added this trend was reversed.  Dark+GA3 increased root 
number and Light+GA3 decreased it.

1. Do you have any idea about the interaction of GA3 and light conditions on 
root number, i.e., why the addition of GA3 changed the trend?

2. Is it safe to assume that GA3 is photo labile?

I am not a physiologist and the sole aim is to increase the germination of
dissected embryos.

Any comments on this line is most welcome and thanks ahead of time for it.

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