Re. lead in plants

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Mon May 16 08:44:38 EST 1994

Dear Gary

I'm afraid this is going to be of little help but the answer to your question is
yes at least for some land plants - I can't remember which. The reason being 
that I did a little project when I was an  undergraduate  (not a reasonable 
sized final year project), on lead toxicity on the germination of cress - you 
know, basic stuff like percentages at different concs., radicle length etc. As 
far as I can recall I didn't find very much in the literature and the best 
article was from early this century (maybe before). For what its worth 
germination was affected as was radicle growth. The plants stored the lead in 
the root tip - you could see the colouration. Unfortunately I don't have a copy 
of the project anymore and thus not the reference - I could get in touch with 
the supervisor if your friend would wait the time it may take. Don't worry - it 
was only between 7 and 8 years ago.

Lab. Biochimie et Physiologie V‚g‚tales 

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