Venus Fly Trap, HELP!

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Tue May 17 11:51:43 EST 1994

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>In <2r2emn$t8e at>, rickie at (Rickie - New York) writes:
>>Can someone tell me where I could get a Venus Fly Trap.
>>I have been looking like crazy and with no luck. Maybe there's
>>a mailorder house or something.  Please respond as soon as possible
>>Thanks in Advance.
>There is a journal of carnivorous plants, or somesuch.  If you go the 
>botanic gardens, they have it there.  It must have ads in it.
>Mat Baskin       baskin at

Dear Mat
You can obtain venus fly traps from Carolina Biological Supply. They produce 
them via Tissue Culture which means that they are protecting the 
environment. 1-800-334-5551. 

Ken Wilson
Botany Department
Miami University

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