Postdoctoral Position, University of Illinois.

Constantin A. Rebeiz tino at VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU
Fri May 20 17:00:26 EST 1994

A postdoctoral position has become available starting october 1994 to work
on the biochemistry, regulation and molecular biology of chloroplast
biogenesis and total chloroplast differentiation in vitro. The research
involves a study of the coordination of thylakoid protein and chlorophyll
biosynthesis and the contribution of various subcellular organelles
including the nucleus to chloroplast differentiation in vitro. Applicants
should have had some expertise in one or more of the following disciplines:
(a) porphyrin biochemistry, (b) thylakoid protein isolation, purification
and characterization, (c) subcellular organelle isolation, purification
and characterization, and (d) plant molecular biological techniques.
Interested individuals should send curriculum vitae and three letters of
recommendation to :

                           C. A. Rebeiz
              Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry
                  and Photobiology, 240 A, PABL
                     1201 West Gregory Avenue,
                 University of Illinois, Urbana
                         Illinois, 61801.
Constantin A. Rebeiz
Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry and Photobiology
240 A PABL, 1201 West Gregory
University of Illinois
Urbana IL. 61801

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