C2H2 effects on soil ecosystem

aeiham at waikato.ac.nz aeiham at waikato.ac.nz
Wed Nov 2 15:50:33 EST 1994

We have a long running large scale lysimeter experiment into denitrification,
recently we pumped large volumes of acetylene (C2H2) through the soil to
measure denitrification to N2O.  Now we realise we may have used too much
C2H2, upto 50% soil gas content.  On more recent work the plots that were
exposed to the high C2H2 have been showing differences from other plots.

We'd be very interested in knowing:

a) what effect would high C2H2 conc. have on the soil microbial community?

b) what effect could it have on the pasture?

Details: Gas was pumped in at 75 cm depth for 1 hr every 4 hours for 72+
hours, and the tops of the cores were covered, to create some back pressure.

Thanks for any info.

Terry Brown

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