Aloa Vera

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Wed Nov 2 20:55:00 EST 1994

Kelly Korponay writes

Does anyone know the life span of an Aloa Vera plant. We have a very  
large one and would like to have it grow even larger. Last month it  
produced a central stem which was very long and had small flowers on the  
top. can this be removed without harming the plant?

I would imagine so...I have many aloe plants which seem to have arisen  
asexually from one plant I was given about 10 years ago, and they don't  
seem to mind it much when I nip off a leaf to treat my burns.  I have no  
idea how long the little devils will live, but mine seem inclined to  
outlive me.  However, they've never produced anything resembling a  
flower spike so far (though they get really wierd photoperiods depending  
on when I remember to turn the light on and off...).  I say if you want  
to cut off the spike, go ahead, it shouldn't hurt anything other than  
the spike.

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