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> 	I'm an agronomist and I have been working on cut foliage species 
> during the last year. I'm very interested on finding out the botanical name 
> of the grass denominated "grass bear" (or bear grass, I'm not sure) in 
> order to know its soil and climate requirements to try to grow it in 
> Asturias, north of Spain.
> 	Thanks in advance for any help
> 	Jesus Fernandez Alvarez
> 	Instituto de Experimentacion y Promocion Agraria
> 	Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain

Reply:  There is a native plant in Oregon commonly referred to as "bear
grass". I believe that it's leaves are gathered for use as cut foliage
material.  Anyway, it is not a grass; it is a member of the Liliaceae-
Xerophyllum tenax.
In spring, it produces a tall spike of creamy white flowers that are
sweetly scented.  Hope this is the same plant.

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