How to germinate acorns, chestnuts, horse-chestnuts

MCNichols mcnichols at
Sat Nov 12 11:55:07 EST 1994

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>>> lots of acorns . . . .like to grow them

I've germinated lots of Quercus lobata (California's giant "Valley Oak" -
a shrinking even if not yet endangered species here in the valley).  First
I soak them overnight in water - the bad ones float and can be discarded. 
The rest are lain on their sides on top of moist soil and eventually put
down their tap root from that position and begin top growth.  

Unfortunately, I think they're a delicacy for ground squirrels, etc. ,
because I lose more of them from being eaten by rodents than from any
other problem.  

Don't know if this will work with your acorns, though. Good luck. 


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