help for neophyte; African trees

Richard L. Goerwitz goer at
Tue Nov 15 00:59:40 EST 1994

I'm a linguist, and spend most of my time elsewhere.  The
other day, though, my beloved son (arghh) came home saying
that he'd signed up to do a project on African trees.  Just
a brief report.

Great.  Try to find a kids' book on African trees :-).

Can anyone at least tell me how to find an adult-ish book
I could dig up at our local (major) reference library, and
answer a few of his questions?

Thanks in advance.  Sorry for obtruding.  You can send your
kids to me when they have language questions :-).


   -Richard L. Goerwitz              goer at
    sorry, no witty saying

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