'Japanese' Herb: Catalin-K ???

Conrad Richter conrad at richters.com
Tue Nov 15 23:34:53 EST 1994

bc151 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Ken Fisler) writes:

> A friend of mine is looking for information on, and looking to
> buy, a 'Japanese' herb by the name of Catalin-K. Does anyone here
> have any information about this or know where it could be
> purchased? Although the brief information she has on it refers to
> it as a 'Japanese' herb, does it grow, or is it available, here
> in North America? 

Catalin-K is not a proper plant name; it sounds like a commercial 
brand name for the product containing the herb you are trying to 
find. Is your friend sure that the botanical name does not appear 
somewhere on the packaging?  Perhaps in small print? 

Conrad Richter

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