Long seq/runs faint

Egea Marcos marcos at techunix.technion.ac.il
Tue Nov 22 05:57:10 EST 1994

Hi Netnalders, 
	I have a problem with my sequencing gels.  Even when the 
reactions look perfect and strong, if we try to run them long, the whole 
thing just faints, and we hardly can read the longest runs. The short 
ones are OK.  We have an Owl system with 
43cm long gels, and run the standard 6% Acryl etc. Short runs will take 
two hours at about 50V/cm (2300 V).  The recommended speed in the Red 
Book is 70 V/cm, but they get very hot at this voltage.
	Does anybody know how to overcome this problem? 
	Thanks in advance

	Dr. Marcos Egea Cortines
	Israel Institute of Technology
	Dept. of Biology 32000 Haifa

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