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Wed Nov 23 10:30:34 EST 1994

New files on

The Dept. of Botany, University of Basel, Switzerland, has recently
uploaded some datafiles that might be of interest for all people
interested in ecology and botany. The main subject of the files is
information on the swiss flora of flowering plants, but there are
also some additional files (Lists of zip codes, political communi-
ties, and others).
The main database files have one record per species, giving
information (in german) about german and scientific latin
nomenclature, synonyms, ecological indicator values (Landolt),
degree of endangering, a vegetation distribution database
(Welten-Sutter), a list of about 1000 species of useful, woody
or poisonous plants and their utilization, and much more.

The files are in FileMaker Pro 2.x for Macintosh format and can be
downloaded with anonymous ftp at     /docs/ch-flora

Look at the readme file in this directory for more information.

All these files are free for non-commercial use. Login restrictions
of apply: Access to this FTP service is exclusively
allowed for Swiss universities, schools & organisations with a SWITCH
service contract and foreign education & research organisations.

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