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>I am interested in research currently being done in the area of 
>entheogens, a.k.a. the hallucinogens which some native cultures belive to 
>bring about a more unified spirtual awareness.  Anthing legit out there 

Ok, below I will list a few free and a few commercial sources, I am NOT
connected to the commercial sources in any way.

1.)  monitor alt.drugs and alt.drugs.chemistry, there is a lot of useful
     info there is you know what you're looking for.
2.)  Books
       anything by Terence and/or Dennis McKenna
	 educational and entertaining reading
       anything by Jonathan Ott
	 contact him at
	   Jonathan Ott Books, P.O. Box 1251, Occidental, CA  95465
         over the past few years he has issued two books, I haven't
	 ever read or seen either one, though
	 1.)  _Ayahuasca Analogues_  supposed to show you exactly how to
	       make a N. American ayahuasca, a DMT and beta-carboline drink
         2.)  _Pharmacotheon_  an encylclopedia of entheogens
3.)  Plants
      if you want plants or seeds of entheogenic plants contact
	...of the jungle, P.O. Box 1801, Sebastopol, CA  95473 
	   catalog $2
        Horus Botanicals, HCR 82 Box 29, Salem, Ark.  72576
	   catalog $2

      if you don't want to pay $2 for a catalog, then they are available   
      online, which comes next....
4.) net resources
      check out Lamont Granquist's drug archives at hyperreal.com
	of particular interest should be the psychedelics subdirectory
	also, in the 'commercial resources' directory you can find the
	...of the jungle and horus botanicals catalogs.  to get there

	ftp/gopher to hyperreal.com
	www:  http://hyperreal.com/drugs/

Well, that's all for today, please mail or post specific questions.

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