Cholesterol in plants?

Francis A Williamson cfaw at
Sat Nov 26 23:24:08 EST 1994

Cholesterol is a very minor component of plant membranes.  Here are
some fairly old references:

Hartmann, Normand and Benveniste, 1975. Sterol composition
of plasma membrane enriched fractions from maize coleoptiles. 
Plant Sciences Letters 5: 287-292

Moeller and Mudd, 1982. Localization of filipin-sterol complexes
in the membranes of Beta vulgaris roots and Spinacia oleracea
chloroplasts.  Plant Physiol 70: 1554-1561

Travis and Berkowitz,  1980. Characterization of soybean
plasma membrane during development.  Free sterol composition
and concanavalin A binding studies.  Plant Physiol. (accepted Dec.79)

Try searching also for articles by D.J. Morr in the early 70's and then
look at Science Citation Index to see who's quoted them more
recently for definitive information.
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