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Sun Nov 27 22:05:52 EST 1994

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   Date:  27-Nov-1994 09:37pm EST

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Subject:  Seek Molec/Cell PhD Advice

	I am approximately half way through my Master's Degree program and I am 
looking for advice on PhD work in molecular/cellular biology.  This represents a 
change for me because my research is presently in the area of agronomy. I would 
specifically like your insight on several important questions.

1)  What are some of the better schools (especially on the east coast) for plant 
molecular and cellular biology?  I would also be interested in schools with good 
plant pathology programs with a molecular bent.

2)  What are some of the more marketable areas in molecular/cellular plant 
biology after completion of a PhD?  What areas would allow a move into animal 
biology if the market for plant biologists is thin?  I am interested in teaching 
and research in a university setting, but I would like to choose an area of 
concentration that is also in demand in the private sector to maximize by future 
employment potential.

3)  Does anyone have information about North Carolina State University in 
reference to the above questions?  Because of family considerations, this area 
has a strong appeal to me and I would like some "insider" opinions - possibly 
another graduate student or faculty member.

Answers to some or all of the above questions would be greatly appreciated.  
Thanks for taking the time to look over my request.

Ben Holt
Ohio University

Received:  27-Nov-1994 09:37pm

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