HELP Spider mite problem

Sun Nov 27 19:56:44 EST 1994

In article <3b6h7i$dbj at>, Viktor Yurkovsky <n4mation at> writes:
>Some of my house plants are dying because of what I suspect
>are spider mites.  They are barely visible as dark dots that
>appear on leaves, and I can see tiny spider webs they spin.
Victor - sounds like spider mites to me - what sort of humidity do you have? 
They flourish in hot dry places.
>Can anyone suggest how to control this pest?
My favorite method is obtaining the mite that eats the two spotted mite - but
since that is no so easily available, other than using pesticides, which I
prefer to avoid at home, try putting the plant in the shower on a fairly
regular basis.  Also, can try wiping the leaves (both sides) with soapy water,
and, if all else fails, immerse the entire plant in soapy water - so far I have
not killed anything doing this and it does work, also works for other pests.
Can you keep the diseased plants away from the healthy plants?  Wash you hands
after handling the diseased plants to avoid giving the mites a free ride!
>Viktor Yurkovsky
>n4mation at

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