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:Could some of you folks with maize experience point me in the
:direction of information on how best to store maize pollen, and
:how to efficiently pollinate maize plants in growth chambers?
:I am having trouble finding this basic information.
:Email is best, and thank you very much.
:Karen Snetselaar
:Asst. Professor of Biology
:St. Joseph's University
:ksnetsel at

In terms of storing pollen, there have been some references to methods
(see below those I've collected).  I'm not sure how repeatable these
methods are.  I have had some luck extending the life of maize tassels for
two weeks or so by cutting it off the plant when they start shedding
pollen, and placing its stem in a flask with water at 4 degrees C (sort of
like a cut flower).  Remove from cold storage the day before you desire

As for growth chamber growing of maize, it is possible either with a very
large growth chamber or by using a small variety such as Gaspe Flint.

Good Luck.        -Marty Sachs


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