Pineapple plants

Yit Chin Chuan medp3001 at
Wed Nov 30 03:59:54 EST 1994

George Theodoris (ez003450 at wrote:
: I have a pineapple plant started from the top of a pineapple about 5 
: years ago. The plant has grown enormous(probably about 3 or 4 feet tall) 
: and takes up a large corner of my apartment now that I brought it in for 
: the winter. My question is: How can I get it to flower? I have been 
: waiting and waiting but no pineapple yet. A friend of mine told me that 
: ethylene induces pineapple plants to flower, and that placing an apple 
: in the center of the plant might work. I tried this but to no avail. 
: Does anyone out there now anything about pineapple plant biology? How can 
: I get it to flower?
: 			Thanks,
: 			George

   Not very sure (so anyone else got better info please contribute);
here's my suggestion:
   Pineapples usually grow in regions where there are dry/hot and wet
spells. Maybe by exposing the plant to some dry shock (i.e. don;t water
it for a while) then giving it copious amount of water may induce it to
flower/ maybe even fruit (though I suspect it needs some kinds of ants
to help fertilization).
   Else maybe some minor chemicals missing check for elements (sorry
can't help here)

Yit (just trying to help)

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