Gideonman pooh at
Sat Oct 1 00:12:21 EST 1994

  I am starting a research project in school on the ability of certain plants
to curl around a stick as they grow, a process I think is called twining. 
What I am interested in is possible sources of information on past research
which has been done on the ability of plant sto sense when they have 
encountered something appropriate to curl around.  I have done some research,
but have been fantastically unable to locate anything other than statments
that this does occur. I was quite distressed at my inability to find anything,
and attributed it to my poor researching skills.  Thus, I am asking for some
basic help in trying to locate sources on the sensory ability of plants.

  I have looked in plant physiology books, but perhaps because I was looking
under the wrong topic (twining and thigmotropism) found very little.  I looked
in some botany books, but again found nothing.  

  Am I looking under the wrong name? in the wrong place? or is the ability of
plants to find something to curl around not researched for some reason?

  In any event, any elucidation would be appreciated,

   Thank you,
   Gideon Sheppard Mann
   mann at
   pooh at

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