Victoria Waterlily seeds wanted

Jack Honeycutt Jack.Honeycutt at
Tue Oct 4 19:07:26 EST 1994

Hello TGray!

29 Sep 94 03:49, TGray wrote to All:

 T> I have just compleated building a large pond with the idea of
 T> growing the Victoria waterlily.

 T> But you should confer with Slocum Water
 T> Gardens.  They sell Victorias and might help with seed.

 T> Slocum Water Gardens
 T> 1101 Cypress Gardens Road
 T> Winter Haven, FL 33880
 T> (814) 293-7151, M-F 8-4

 T> Gray Shaw (gray_shaw at is preferred)

Thanks Gray, I'll drop them a line.  I believe I ordered  a Lotus from them a
few years back.


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