Josh Berman Joshua_Berman at
Wed Oct 5 21:36:34 EST 1994

   I am studying the feasibility of planting berry bushes/trees as part of
an urban river restoration project. These plants could be a tasty,
low-maintenance resource for the surrounding community (or they could go
unpicked and end up as rat food). 

  What are the best plants to use when planning a sustainable, well-used
and beautiful urban river bank? Has anyone heard of berries being
incorporated into urban development in this way? What about experience of
any kind with cultivating blueberries, blackberries, raspberries,
mulberries, elderberries? Are these the best plants to be thinking about?

   The Woonasquatucket River Coalition in Providence, RI is made up of the
Nat'l Park Service, Audobon Society, city agencies, and various community
groups. It is seeking to incorporate the old industrial river back into
the community, perhaps as a greenway.

Thank you in advance for responding. Please email me directly.

Josh Berman
Brown University Center for Environmental Studies
Joshua_Berman at
61 Barnes St., Providence, RI 02906, USA

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