oligoscreening ?

Joan Rigau Lloveras jrlgmp at cid.csic.es
Thu Oct 6 10:30:15 EST 1994

Dear colleagues,
I am thinking in construct an expression cDNA library of a plant
tissue to do an oligoscreening, in order to isolate protein
factors that interact with the DNA oligo sequence. I think that
the most useful vector in this moment could be the lambda-ZAPII,
but some people say that to do DNA-protein interactions in this
vector there is not enough expression to detect it. They say that
is better de classical lambda-gt11. Anybody could clarify me this
problem?. Anybody was used lambda-ZAPII to do that?. In this
sense, which is better to use, the lambda-UNI-ZAPII or the
lambda-ZAPII Express of Stratagene?. I appreciate all the
suggestions about. Thanks.

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