info on a herbicide

David W Wheat Agblade at
Mon Oct 10 07:42:54 EST 1994

William J. Buikema (wjb1 at wrote:
: I am looking for information on a herbicide named difunon (sp?).  Can anyone
: tell me where to look for information?  Thanks in advance.

There is an insecticide used in the U.S. called Dyfonate, an insecticide
called Di-Syston, and a fungicide called Dithane.  There is an insect
growth regulator called Difluron, and an herbicide with the chemical
name Diuron (3-(3,4,-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea.  Can you get 
a better fix on the name or use of the compound you are asking about?
David Wheat
dwheat at

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