Carbon Monoxide and Fungi

Chuck Pullen cpullen at
Wed Oct 12 11:15:13 EST 1994

I am an industrial hygienist working on a project involving worker 
protection from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure during comercial fungi 
agriculture.  We have found (CO) concentrations of up to 400 ppm during 
the growth cycle.  CO concentrations correlate with Carbon Dioxide 

I am trying to find where CO is being generated during this process.  I 
have ruled out external sources such as vehicle exhaust.  Does anyone 
know a low tempreature biological sourse or process for the generation of 
CO?  I initially thought that spontain. combustion of the compost was the 
sourse.  However, the growth of the fungus is tempreature sensitive.   The 
compost is not allowed to exceed 100 deg. F. which I would think should 
rule out simple oxidation as a CO sourse.    

Any help, references, or referals would be appreciated.  Please reply to 
cpullen at  .  Thank you.


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