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 >> Hello, I've got a Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula)

 > I always thought that carnivorous nourishment was a supplementary means of
 > feeding for Carnivorous Plants (CP's), but this appears to be wrong.
 > I strongly advice you to feed the plants. VFT's are real easy to feed.
 > Don't use insects bigger than fruit flies. Don't use ants (too acid).
 > Don't use human food like meat or cheese (too poisonous).
 > It's safe to use cooked white of egg in pieces of 0.5 mm3.
 > Don't overfeed the leaves, they'll die. However, the plant will benefit from
 > it. Once you start feeding the plant, it will reward you with growing new
 > leaves. (a lot more than otherwise).

I just thought I'd add that small sections of worms (the worms used for
fishing bait) work well for venus flytrap food. One small (5-7mm) worm
section in a one leaf will every month or so. The leaf will shrivel up but
new ones will replace it.

After flowering, my plant died-back for a while.

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