Taxacom moved where?

Kathie Hodge kh11 at
Fri Oct 14 16:49:52 EST 1994

Ellen Bart writes:
>I am trying to find the taxacom ftp server -- it
>seems no longer to be at

Taxacom stuff can be found on the the Biodiversity and Biological
Collections Gopher.  Gopher to 

There is also a developing Web server there
( with lots of nice images of plants and
fish and mushrooms and stuff (I'm not sure about Gray herbarium images). 
This will be a great place on the Web for organismal biologists and
biodiversity folks.  Kudos to Julian Humphries for his fine work.

Kathie Hodge
kh11 at
disclaimer:  Not associated with the server; just a contented user.

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