Pleurothallis ornata - What are the little dangly things on the sepals for?

Terry Morse morset at
Wed Oct 19 11:58:39 EST 1994

    A friend of mine who raises exotic plants in her greenhouse brought a 
_Pleurothallis ornata_ (F. Pleurothallidinaceae?) which, she says, grows in 
Colombia at ca. 900m elevation.  The plant has thin white waxy 
pendant-like ornaments which hang loosely from the margins of the petaloid 
sepals, and my friend was wondering what the ornaments do for the plant. 

  If you know what their function is, I'd appreciate hearing from you.  I did 
notice while measuring the ornaments that the static charge in the ruler 
caused them all to stand out from the sepals.  Do the plant's pollinators have 
a static charge when they come in for a landing?

Thanks for your help,
Terry Morse
morset at

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