Phil Stevens phil.stevens at
Wed Oct 19 17:15:00 EST 1994

Our forest restoration group is looking for additional 
sources of information on several species of pest plants which we are 
trying to eradicate in the state parks in the Santa Cruz mountains of 
California. We're particularly interested in any studies that have 
been made of lifecycles, dispersion vectors, and/or control methods.  If 
anyone could point us to net sources for info on any or all of the 
below, we (and the redwoods) would greatly appreciate it. 

Invasive exotics of special concern in the Santa Cruz mountains:

Senecio mikanioides (German-ivy)
Genista canariensis (French broom, Canary Islands Broom)
Cortaderia jubata/C. selloana (Pampas grass)
Hedera helix (English ivy)
Eucalyptus spp.
Acacia spp.

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