Flos lonicerae

Hr Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at zui.unizh.ch
Thu Oct 20 05:23:05 EST 1994

Dear Botanists:
     I am seeking information about a botanical preparation known as "Flos
lonicerae" which I presume consists of leaves of a plant or plants of the
genus Lonicera.  If anyone reading this query has information regarding the
taxonomy and natural products of the Lonicerae, Lonicera spp., or "Flos loni-
cerae", kindly contact me directly at

                       toukie at zui.unizh.ch

This is necessary because the server through which I work sometimes obliter-
ates my postings (and accompanying responses) before I have had an opportunity
to review them.

     Of course, scientific literature references are always welcome.

     I thank all responders in advance for their generosity in sharing their
information with me.


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Institut fuer orale Mikrobiologie und allgemeine Immunologie
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