Measuring Plant cell Death

cote at cote at
Wed Oct 26 17:56:40 EST 1994

Hi netters,
	       aah aaah,	I'm starting an in planta investigation using
some pharmacological inhibitors and am somewhat concerned about the problem of
cell death/cytotoxicity of the inhibitors i'll be using.  So far i've come up
with two good cell death assays which define cell death as non-functional PM
and non-functional mitos.  I'm still concerned I'll miss the not-so-dead cell
sickness problem.  Thus, I'm looking for a general metabolic enzyme to assay
which will refelct this cell sickness or early events in the process of cell
dying.  Do you have any ideas??? If so, a ref with the enzyme assay would also
be helpful?  Any thoughts/discussion on the benefits and/or problems of your
suggested enzyme or assay would be excellent.  Thanks mucho.  

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