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>         I'm an agronomist and I have been working on cut foliage species 
> during the last year. I'm very interested on finding out the botanical name 
> of the grass denominated "grass bear" (or bear grass, I'm not sure) in 
> order to know its soil and climate requirements to try to grow it in 
> Asturias, north of Spain.
>         Thanks in advance for any help
>         Jesus Fernandez Alvarez
>         Instituto de Experimentacion y Promocion Agraria
>         Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain

Hi Jesus,

The complete botanical name of beargrass is: Xerophyllum tenax (Pursh) Nutt.
This plant is native to the region of western North America, from British
Columbia to California, east to Rocky Mountains from B.C. to Idaho and
Montana, from near sea level on the Olympic Pennisula to over 7000 ft. in
the Rocky Mountains.(ref.Hithcock and Cronquist, Flora of the Pacific
Northwest,  1973)

         Glad to be of help
               Jim Leier

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