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Sun Oct 30 10:00:16 EST 1994

jtreasure at writes:

>Anyone know of Mac equivalent to DELTA software on IBM PC for reading 
>TAXACOM data? 


Okay, first an outline.  DELTA is a data description standard,
and also the name of a collection of software programs for
creating and manipulating taxonomic data in DELTA format.
There are DOS and Unix tools for this job, and a few MS
Windows tools as well.

INTKEY is an interactive key program that allows inspection of
DELTA datasets.  There are versions for DOS and Unix.  For most
users, those who do not *create* taxonomic datasets, INTKEY is
all the software that's likely to be useful.

The DELTA standard, and most of the software, was written by
Michael Dallwitz, of CSIRO (Australia).  It would be great if
others would write additional software, but so far, Mike is
the primary developer of DELTA tools.

A number of taxonomic datasets have been developed by botanists
in DELTA format (and thus can be explored using INTKEY);  these
include ANGIO (all angiosperm families), a dataset of woods (of
great interest to foresters and paleobotanists!), and a dataset
of grass genera.

Almost all of this stuff is available on the TAXACOM archive,
to reduce the traffic through the very expensive Internet link
to Australia, where Mike maintains his own archive at CSIRO. 
The ANGIO database and DOS version of INTKEY can be purchased
on CD-ROM (see Nature 369:718, June 1994, for a brief review).

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