medicinal plants

rapienmk at rapienmk at
Sun Oct 30 15:34:33 EST 1994

           Hello!  I have a question which hopefully someone will be able to 
answer.   I am writing a paper on medicinal properties of certain plants.  The 
plants I am concentrating on are:  willow, catnip, witch hazel, bloodroot, 
stinging nettle, and mayapple.  I need information about their uses, the 
chemical composition of their active ingredients, and modern medical 
derivatives and/or synthetic substitutes.  I am trying to look this 
information up in my college library, but without a computerized system it is 
difficult and tedious to find updated useful information.  If anyone knows 
anything about these plants, or knows what books or journals I could turn to, 
your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please send replies to my e-mail 
address if possible.   Thank you very much for your time.
                                                               Mary Rapien


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