Tissue Culturing Pear Trees

wojcik wojcik at pmsrs4.pms.ford.com
Fri Sep 2 14:11:56 EST 1994

	I am looking for a commercial tissue-culturing company that would
be willing to t-c some heritage pear trees. I have in mind a project to help
commemorate the 300th birthday of Detroit, Mich. in the year 2001. There are
some descendants of the original French pear trees brought to the area in the
1700s, and I am looking for a way to propagate them for public sale.
	Ideally, I would like to use the t-c approach, instead of the more
tedious grafting option, i.e., grafting branches onto pear root stock.
	If anyone out there in Net-Land has info on a company that knows
about t-c'ing fruit trees, I'd appreciate a note back.
	Thanks much.

- Al Wojcik
  Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI.

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