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Fri Sep 2 12:15:03 EST 1994

Answer to W. Roland Leatherwood
who wrote
>I am looking for information to start a research project on the use and
>folklore surrounding the use of plants in Germany.  The project concentrates on
>the Baden W  
>the Baden W rtenberg region.  Currently I need contacts.  If anyone can help
>please respond. 
> Hochachtungsvoll, 
> W. Roland Leatherwood

Hi, there,
I wonder how you got the idea to start a project on Ethnobotany in Germany.
I thought ethnobotanists were concentrating their interest on tropical 
rainforests. Anyhow, please specify, what exactly you are interested in. 
Maybe I can help you with some information about the Baden-Wuerttembergian 
jungles or even the pampas of the river Rhine region.(I am a pharmacist 
working on medicinal plants).

Many greetings,
T.J. Schmidt
schmidtt at mail.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de

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