classification of Leguminosae species

Ramon A. Razal rar at MUDSPRING.UPLB.EDU.PH
Mon Sep 5 19:11:40 EST 1994

I am confused as to the current status of classification of plant species 
belonging to Family Leguminosae.  The system we have adopted in our Wood 
Identification course is to classify species previously considered to 
belong to the one big family Leguminosae as members of either Family 
Fabaceae, Family Mimosaceae, or Family Caesalpiniaceae.  Is this correct 
under current classification schemes?  The reason for this inquiry is 
that many recent books I came across with do not seem to subscribe to the 
3-family scheme that I have come to learn from my teachers here in the 
Philippines.  I'll appreciate suggestions for references, but more direct 
replies will be more welcome as I do not have as much access to current 
literature where I am now (Philippines).  Thanks a lot.  

Ramon A. Razal
Dept. of Wood Science and Technology
UPLB College of Forestry
College, Laguna 4031

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