Are there any Computer Keys for Identifying Plants?

Jack Honeycutt Jack.Honeycutt at
Tue Sep 6 15:07:12 EST 1994

Hello Alex!

04 Sep 94 16:27, Alex King wrote to All:

 >> Hi:  Does anyone know of any computer software to key
 >> out identifying plants?  Any region will do.
 >> thanks
 >> bear

I have two keys called PC Taxon and ASKATAYA.  The cover bryophytes (mosses)
and lichens.  You can call my BBS and down load them.  They are in the BOTANY file area.  I support 28.8K and all other dial up speeds.  The phone number of the BBS is 1-503-735-3074 (The Garden Pond BBS in Portland Oregon).


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