Are there any Computer Keys for Identifying Plants?

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Wed Sep 7 01:45:05 EST 1994

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King) writes:

>The Intkey Software developed by Mike Dallowitz in Australia already
>this and is the standard. For infomation contact: CSIRO Division of 
>Entomology, GPO BOx 1700, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia.  Phone: 61-6 
>246  4075; Fdax:  61 6  246 6000. You can also access this program and 
>the other DELTA (descroptive language for taxonomy) datasets, including 
>all the angiosperm families in the world through anonymous FTP at

Thank you, thank you.  I heard about DELTA and could not find out more
about it until now.

Gray Shaw

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