Current plant names?

David W Wheat Agblade at
Fri Sep 9 10:22:33 EST 1994

If the plant you are looking for is not an Angiosperm, gopher to the
Missouri Botanic Garden at and look in their database
for the Flora North America project.  You can see the information on
gymnosperms, but angiosperms aren't available yet.  It's a great 

Next best:  Call a professor of plant systematics, (e.g. J.L.Reveal in
the department of Botany, U. Md., College Park, phone 301-545-0100.) 
That  person will have the latest references on hand and can answer
specific questions (Dr. Reveal is at a land-grant school and answers
questions for a living) or at least refer you to the right sources.

Good luck.
David Wheat
dwheat at

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