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Ramon A. Razal (rar at MUDSPRING.UPLB.EDU.PH) wrote:
: I am confused as to the current status of classification of plant species 
: belonging to Family Leguminosae.  The system we have adopted in our Wood 
: Identification course is to classify species previously considered to 
: belong to the one big family Leguminosae as members of either Family 
: Fabaceae, Family Mimosaceae, or Family Caesalpiniaceae.  Is this correct 
: under current classification schemes?  The reason for this inquiry is 
: that many recent books I came across with do not seem to subscribe to the 
: 3-family scheme that I have come to learn from my teachers here in the 
: Philippines.  I'll appreciate suggestions for references, but more direct 
: replies will be more welcome as I do not have as much access to current 
: literature where I am now (Philippines).  Thanks a lot.  

: Ramon A. Razal
: Dept. of Wood Science and Technology
: UPLB College of Forestry
: College, Laguna 4031

Well, I just happen to be taking a course on taxonomy this semester.  And the
answer is (unfortunately) an unoquivocal "It Depends."  It depends on whose
system of classification you use, and there are *several* ones leading
the forefront.  However, due to DNA sequencing, even that is in a state
of change.  See this is waht Taxonomists do Really Well -- confuse you
and make you wonder just what is going on!  :-)  :-)  It really is 
(except for the gene sequencing) a matter of opinion.  The proponents
of the 3-family system feel that there is sufficient morphological 
evidance to indicate that the families are distinct enough and should
be separated; while a different group of taxonomists, looking at the
*same* evidance, will conclude that the genera are closely enough related
to lump them into one family.  *sigh*  *shrug*  It *does* make for an
interesting class.

Hope this helps without confusing you too much more.


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