Current plant names?

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Bill Williams (bwilliam at wrote:
: Here's a naive nomenclature question: I have vascular-plant keys that
: are about ten years old now, and presumably at least some of the plants
: therein have been renamed according to the proper ICBN procedures since
: the keys were published.  Is there any simple way to find out what the
: currently accepted name is (and higher-level taxa, if those have
: changed)?
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Let me append my answer of yesterday.  The ICBN (which governs things like
that) meets every six years.  They met last year, so the previous meeting
would have been in 1987?  Anyway, if they publish a proceedings which
lists all changes as of that congress would list the changes you're
interested in.  Dr. Cox said she wasn't sure, but that she didn't think the
proceedings from this past congress had been published yet, but that they
would probably show up in _Taxon_.

Hope this was of a little more help. 


P.S.  Bet you can't guess what we talked about in class today, besides
Asteracae ...  :-)

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