Request: Info on Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology

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Sun Sep 11 02:06:02 EST 1994

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 1.  What the potentials are for this kind of research in the next 25
 2.  What the best medical/graduate schools in the US/Canada are, and who
the primary investigators are.
 3.  Where she can find out more about what the work would involve and how
gratifying it will be in terms of practical medicinal use.

The foremost expert on ethnobotany is Dr. Richard Evans Schultes of
Harvard.  Also, I once heard a lecture on this subject by a man from (I
think) the World Health Organization whose job was to contact indigenous
people and find out how they're using plants.  Two authors your friend
should know about besides Shultes are Andrew Weil and Terrence McKenna. 
This is a big subject, an important field, and the people involved in it
will also wind up being involved in saving indigenous cultures and the
rainforests of the world.

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