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Can anyone please educate me as to how marijuana strains are maintained by
those who (illegaly) engage in its cultivation?  As the species is
dioecious, are prized strains usually maintained in small populations that
contain at least one male, or are cuttings usually preferred?  If so, do
they root easily?

The way I know that works is cloning through vegetative propagation.  The
cuttings root quite readily with Rootone.  Naturally, you will be cloning
a female plant.  You will have no use for a male plant if you are only
doing cloning.  I know of a cross between C. sativa and C. indica that was
kept going for years from cuttings.  Think about it: "Sinsemilla" means
"without seeds," so cloning is the only way for sinsemilla to be
Have fun, and be careful.

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